Welcome to the St Mary’s Choir for 2018-2019

I would just like to say welcome and well done for getting into this year’s school choir. There were over 80 children that auditioned and you are the successful 36!

As members of the choir last year will remember, we get very little chance to rehearse so punctuality, behaviour and commitment are essential to our weekly meetings and engagement in after school, evening or weekend performances that we may be invited to do.

You will soon receive your new choir badge (above) which looks slightly different to last year’s one. Wear it with pride, look after it and whatever you do, don’t lose it!

In order to keep your choir music and lyrics safe, I would like to ask you to buy and bring your own display book (see image).

You may purchase either a black or dark blue book. As much as I would love to see a rainbow of colours, we want to look smart and professional at all of our performances and these colours will do it for us. You can find display books on Amazon, at supermarkets or in stationary shops. A 20 page booklet is all that is required but you are welcome to purchase a 40 page if you wish.

This term we will be working towards a Big Sing event in November. At this moment in time, it is not open for audience members as there will be so many choirs and schools present. Don’t panic though as there will be lots of opportunities for your families to come and watch you sing this year. The event will be held in Saxmundham and whilst the event is free, the transport is unfortunately not so a letter will be coming home soon with further details and pricing.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how the choir develops even more this year and enjoying all the projects we have lined up. Don’t forget to look at the website, as we now have a choir section where we will be posting what we get up to.



The most important thing to remember is to follow your passion for music, be prepared to work hard for it and enjoy yourself. 


Miss Youngs

Choir Leader and Year 5 Teacher