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Let the light of your face shine upon us - Psalm 4:6

Cross Country Event

St Mary's Cross Country Event by Amelia


On the 30th of September 2021 there was a cross country event in Newmarket for children in year 5, 6 and 7. Over 200 children from schools in the Forest Heath area took part.


Evelyn, Erin, Kiera, Lola, Zara, Scarlett, Oliver, Max, Jordan, Alfie, Jacob and Sean took part in the race and were representing St Mary’s Academy. All participants had to run two laps of the field which was the same as one mile.


The boys were up first. At the beginning all the boys just sprinted off as if they were cheetahs chasing their prey. By the time they were up the hill everyone at the front just slowed down as everyone built in a bundle. When the boys nearly finished their first lap the supporters kept clapping and calling their name to give them a bit of encouragement. Whilst the boys were running the girls were watching to see what they could do better and what they could do the same as well as clapping when one of their teammates crossed the finish line. The first St Mary’s participant to cross the finish line was Max, then Sean, Oliver, Jacob, Alfie followed by Jordan. The boys all did great and had a well deserved drink. 


Next up were the girls and they walked to the starting line and tried to get to the front. All of the helpers told them to try their best and to enjoy themselves. There was a three second countdown then the horn blew. The girls were off. There were some girls from other teams that just sprinted off and did not pace themselves. But the girls for St Mary’s Academy did it very well and did not just sprint off. When the girls were coming to the supporters everyone started clapping and cheering. On their last lap it was tense as Evelyn was second behind and another girl from a different school but Evelyn on the last length managed to overtake and came first in the race. Just before the finish line every one that was running for St Mary’s tried to sprint too, to beat the people in front of them. Next came Erin in 5th followed by Kiera, Zara, Scarlett and then Lola. 


After the races there was a little presentation for the winners. Mr Farnham had to enter the children in teams of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls). The teams were excited waiting to hear who the winners were. 

The organiser read out third place which was a team from Newmarket school, second place which was a team from Exning, then first place was St Mary's A team! The children were cheered on as they collected their medals. 


It was a great afternoon and all the children enjoyed it and did a great job representing their school. Good luck to Erin in her next race at Ipswich.