St Mary's Church of England Academy

Here at St. Mary's we provide the highest possible quality of education, underpinned by our Christian ethos and values however we pride ourselves in the fact that we are mixed faith with a rising number of multi faiths through our school

D&T - Design and Make a Torch

Following on from our science unit on electricity and circuits, the children considered what features a number of existing torches had and evaluated how good they were. They then thought about what features might be needed in order to make a torch for a specific person for a particular purpose, before designing their own torch.

The children collected the resources they needed and then worked with a partner to make their torch, including making a switch and forming a circuit to make the torch light up. The children needed to do some problem solving when they couldn't make the bulb turn on or off. 

The final stage was to evaluate the torches, thinking about what worked well and how it could be made even better.