St Mary's Church of England Academy

'We promise to shine together.'

Let the light of your face shine upon us - Psalm 4:6

Our Good Behaviour Promise

We set the following promises for behaviours at St Mary's to ensure we all shine brightly. These expectations are set out as follows:


Adults will promise to:

● be calm, consistent and fair;

● refer to 'Ready, Respectful, Safe';

● model positive relationships and respect;

● model forgiveness and the possibility of restoration and a new beginning in their relationships with both adults and children;

● meet and greet at the door;

● follow up behaviours with reflective dialogues;

● accept others for who they are, as they are;

● never ignore pupils who are behaving badly.


To shine, pupils will:

● treat all members of our school community with respect and compassion;

● adhere to "Be ready, Be respectful, Be safe" both in school and outside on the playground;

● walk around school quietly, hold doors open and share a polite message e.g. "Have a good day", "You're welcome", "Can I help you?"

● enter the hall for collective worship and lunch in a calm, quiet manner;

● use lesson time for learning, concentrate on their work and allow others to concentrate on theirs;

● speak politely, listen carefully, looking at the person speaking to them and share considerate manners at all times;

● seek to avoid confrontation and demonstrate compassion through active listening and forgiveness where there is an acknowledgement of wrong-doing;

● maintain the same high standards of behaviour in after school clubs as they do in school time;

● appreciate that they are representing the school when taking part in educational visits, maintaining an exemplary standard of behaviour at all times.


Parents will promise to:

● make children aware of appropriate behaviour;

● encourage independence and self-discipline;

● show an interest in all their child does in school;

● support the school in implementing this policy;

● be aware of the school rules;

● keep school informed of behaviour difficulties or traumas experiences at home that may affect their child's behaviour in school;

● behave in a reasonable and civilised manner towards all school staff - incidents of verbal or physical aggression to staff by parents/guardians/carers of children in the school will be reported immediately to the Executive Principal who will take appropriate action.