St Mary's Church of England Academy

'We promise to shine together.'

Let the light of your face shine upon us - Psalm 4:6

Year 4

Year 4 River Study - River Lark

The final chapter - strong tea was definitely needed!!

The journey home - tired but still smiling!

Evening chill out - Beetle drive, film and watching the sunset.

Evening activity - orienteering

Dinner time - enchiladas or pasta. Yummy!!

Induction tour with our course leader Lewis.

Grafham Water Residential Trip

We’re off and pretty much on time!

We’ve packed all of our cases (it looks like we’re going for a week!!!) and we’re on the road. Everyone is very excited and looking forward to getting to our destination.

Pentecost Trail 

We took part in a number of activities to celebrate the birthday of the Christian church.

Roman themed assembly to parents

World Book Day

We have completed lots of activities across the week based around the book "Fantastically Great Women: True Stories of Ambition, Adventure and Bravery", focusing particularly on Boudicca.

On Thursday, we then celebrated stories and books by coming to school in our pyjamas. 

At the end of the day, we had great fun sharing our favourite books with our friends in our partner class in another year group in school.

Let there be light! - Making our own torches

After investigating how to make a circuit using wires, batteries (cells), buzzers, motors and bulbs, the children worked with a partner to design their own torch. They then worked together to follow their plans and make their torches. 

In our writing lessons, the children created adverts to persuade people that their torch is the ultimate purchase.

Sports Hall Athletics

We are incredibly proud of how the children in Year 4 took part in all the activities during the afternoon. They all tried really hard with their events and cheered the rest of their team along - excellent team work. Well done Year 4!

Year 4 Spring Timetable

Year 4 Spring Term Planning Overview

He’s behind you...Oh no he isn’t!! Panto time.

Amazing Angels Trail at St. Mary’s Church

Design & Technology 

We found out about daily life in Ancient Egypt and discovered that a staple food of the Egyptians’ diet was bread. We worked in groups to follow a recipe to make Egyptian style flat bread. We enjoyed tasting and evaluating the finished product.
Next week we will test different breads that are already available and try ingredients that we could add to the recipe to make our flat breads even tastier.


After a special assembly about advent and the meaning of a Christingle, we made our own. We then lit the candles and had a Christingle service, led by Reverend Sue.

Christmas Jumper Sale

Some of the children helped the PTA sell Christmas jumpers and second hand uniform to raise money towards the Year 4 residential. They were very polite and were great at adding together totals and working out change.

Ancient Egyptian Day

Year 4 had a great day finding out about some aspects of Ancient Egypt. In the morning, they completed a quiz, answering questions about Pharaohs, pyramids, the tomb of King Tutankhamun and the Nile river; played a game of Jackals and Hounds; and made a name tag with an Ancient Egyptian name of their choice. During the afternoon, we found out about the mummification process and then went hunting in a competition between 4AF and 4SE.

Art: Pencil Drawings of Animals

We looked at some pencil drawings of animals by the photographer and artist Alan M. Hunt. The children discussed features of the artwork such as the types of lines that were used, shading, dark and light. We experimented with using lines and different grades of pencils to represent different textures. The children then chose an animal to focus on and completed a picture using the pencil skills they had learnt.

We Will Remember Them

Just before 11:00 am on Armistice Day, we tuned into the Remembrance coverage on BBC1 and took part in the two minutes silence. We reflected on the sacrifices that have been made by our armed forces, so that we can be safe.

What Living Things Are Found in Our School Environment?

Year 4 spent some time investigating the plants, trees and animals that live on the school grounds. They used identification cards and a Woodland Trust app to name the different species that they found.

The Digestive System

We learnt about the digestive system by carrying out a practical simulation. We used scissors to represent the incisors and potato mashers to represent the molar teeth. After the food had been chewed and mixed with saliva (water) it moved into the stomach where we added acid (orange juice) and then squashed and squeezed it. Next, the food moved into the intestines (the leg of a pair of tights) where the water and nutrients were squeezed out. Finally, we cut the toe of the tights and squeezed out what was left which represented going to the toilet. 

It was a messy but fun session!!

Welcome Back September 2022

We are very much looking forward to getting to know all of the children in Year 4 and have some exciting topics coming up across the year. This page will contain information about activities that we take part in at school, along with photographs, that we would like to share with you.

Don't forget, if you have any questions please contact us using the year group email:

This half term, we will have three focus topics. Please see the document above for further information.

Year 4 Weekly Timetable

Please see the above document for information regarding the daily routines in Year 4. Please note that PE days are on Monday and Tuesday.