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Here at St. Mary's we provide the highest possible quality of education, underpinned by our Christian ethos and values however we pride ourselves in the fact that we are mixed faith with a rising number of multi faiths through our school

Thrive Tips

Activities that you can do at home to help children who feel anxious or worried

Here are some links to websites that can offer advice and help for parents when needed.


Suffolk well being hub -


Childline -


School Nurse Text service - 07507 3333. The school nursing team will help with issues like emotional well being, healthy eating and staying safe on line on any other health concerns you may have for your children.


NHS - Every mind matters -


Young Minds -


Place 2 be -




Thrive Tips - How to help children when they come into school


Sometimes the hardest part of the school day for the children and for parents is saying goodbye at the school gate in the morning.  The difficulties that some children are having coming through the school gate in the mornings are a normal part of their emotional development and be assured that your child is not the only one  who does not want to leave their parents in the morning.

To help with that difficult transition there are some things that as parents you can do which would ensure an easier start to the day for both you and your children.

  • Stick to a daily routine as much as possible, and talk through the routine with your child – an illustrated version of your routine displayed at home as a reminder may help.
  • Be confident and upbeat when you say ‘goodbye’ to your child, they are good at picking up on your mood and if you are feeling anxious they will notice.
  • Take a step back from the gate and say something positive about their day ahead
  • Remind them that you are really looking forward to seeing them after school
  • Stand back from the gate a little and allow your child to take the final few steps on their own. Praise them for their independence.
  • Be confident to walk away once they are through the gate, long goodbyes can be difficult.

For some of our youngest children they are still getting used to a school day and we have noticed that they are tired, however please be assured that once they are in their classrooms and following the usual routine of their day they are happy and settled.

Thrive Tips - Ideas to help with challenging emotions


It has been a really difficult couple of years for lots of us and the pressures of family life and looking after our children can feel hard at the moment.


 You may have found that your children's behaviour has changed, they could have become angry and defiant, worried or anxious  or maybe withdrawn and really quiet. Acknowledge what they might be feeling and let them know that it is OK. We all have different feelings and emotions and there is no wrong feeling. 


To help them manage these feelings, try doing things together that you enjoy as a family. Take time to listen to their worries or concerns, but keep those safe boundaries in place. Stick as much as possible to their normal routine, sure they are getting enough sleep, they are having downtime away from their electronic devices, ensure that they come into school on time, having had a good breakfast and with everything, they need. Routines and boundaries help them to feel safe and secure.  


As  importantly though, look after yourselves being a parent is a hard job and we need to remember to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our children. Do some exercise, take time to relax, have a cuppa, chat to a friend. What ever helps you to relax and to  refill your emotional bucket.

Here is a link to some short video clips, with tips that may help: Families Under Pressure


If you are at all worried or concerned about your child’s emotional wellbeing please contact us in school, either through your child's class teacher or through the office. We are here to help, and by working together we will ensure all the children at St Mary's are able to shine.