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Let the light of your face shine upon us - Psalm 4:6

Thrive Tips

Thrive Tips March 2021


With all our children returning to school, and a slow move toward a normal way of living, things are starting to feel more positive. However, it has been a really difficult year for lots of us and the pressures of family life and looking after our children can feel harder at the moment.


You may find that even though children are back at school there are still things that they cannot do and are really missing, like visiting relatives, going to the park to meet friends or going to after school activities like swimming or football.  You may have found that their behaviour has changed, they could have become angry and defiant, or maybe withdrawn.


To help them manage this time, try doing things together that you enjoy as a family. Take time to listen to their worries or concerns, but keep those safe boundaries in place. Stick as much as possible to their normal routine, ensure that they come into school on time, having had a good breakfast and with everything, they need. Routines and boundaries help them to feel safe and secure.  


As  importantly though, look after yourselves now that you may have some time in the day to do so. Do some exercise, take time to relax, have a cuppa, chat to a friend. Looking after ourselves helps us to look after our children.


Here is a link to some short video clips, with tips that may help: Families Under Pressure


If you are at all worried or concerned about your child’s emotional wellbeing please contact us in school, either through your child's class teacher or through the office. We are here to help, and by working together we will ensure all the children at St Mary's are able to shine.