St Mary's Church of England Academy

'We promise to shine together.'

Let the light of your face shine upon us - Psalm 4:6

Year 3

Year 3 Summer Term 1 - What Makes the Earth Angry?

Year 3 Spring Term 2 - How Does Chocolate Grow?

This half term, Year 3 will be deepening our understanding of plants. We will research the functions of parts of a plant and investigate the conditions that plants need to survive, as well as reflecting on our enquiry question, How Does Chocolate Grow?  We will also be using wonderful words to describe our very own room in Charlie's fantastical chocolate factory.  


World Book Day 2022

Making Ancient Greek pots and dressing up as our favourite Ancient Greek god or goddess

We are going to start 2022 by learning about the Ancient Greeks through poetry, Greek myths and within History and Art. In Science, we will be exploring different forces, particularly how magnets work. The children are already enjoying our enquiry question, How were the Ancient Greeks Ruled by their Gods? and have begun performing poetry about a mythical creature.      

3NH Christingle


3NH Christingle

After making our Christingles and discussing what each part of them represents, we enjoyed some singing and reflective prayer time as part of a short filmed service delivered by Reverend Sue. 

This half term the children will be continuing their history learning with 'Who First Lived in Britain?' by moving on to The Bronze Age and Iron Age.  They will be learning how Britain changed from the Stone Age into the Bronze and Iron Age and comparing the differences between each era and present day.  They will also, briefly research the importance of a nutritional balanced diet and whether Early Britains' had a healthier diet than Britains' today.





It is extremely important that children continue their reading.  We would like to ask that they are encouraged to read at home each evening after school as well as at the weekends, where possible.  We would also like to request that the children bring their reading books in to school every day as all adults will be listening to them read throughout the week and at any additional spare opportunity as permits.  We would like to be able to listen to them read their current book, rather than a random choice, as it helps consistency with their comprehension.