St Mary's Church of England Academy

'We promise to shine together.'

Let the light of your face shine upon us - Psalm 4:6

Who's Who - Staff 2023/2024

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs R Rutter - Principal

Mrs L Rourke - Interim Executive Principal 

Miss L Brown -  Assistant Principal (Lower Key Stage)

Miss M Lowe - Assistant Principal (Upper Key Stage)

Mrs A Flack - LKS2 Phase Leader & Reading Lead

Miss J Colclough - EYFS Lead

Miss L Osborne - SENDCO 

Miss K Hennessy - Education Social Worker & Designated Safeguarding Lead


Teaching and Learning Team


Early Years

Miss J Colclough - Teacher

Mrs S Grover - Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Mrs H Blow - Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs R Coe - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr R Garrod - Teaching Assistant

Miss P Pope - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Audus - Specialist Teaching Assistant

Miss R Berney - Apprentice


Year One

Mrs S Milner - Teacher

Miss H Andrews - Teacher 

Miss L Bassett - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Heslop - Teaching Assistant


Year Two

Miss L Brown - Teacher

Miss R Lawrence - Teacher

Mrs E Sparkes - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss G Stower - Teacher Assistant

Mrs S Cash - Specialist Teaching Assistant


Year Three

Mrs V Baxter - Teacher

Mrs K Willsher - Teacher 

Miss C Hunt - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Wood - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Rose - Teaching Assistant


Year Four

Mrs A Flack - Teacher

Mrs S Elbrow - Teacher

Mrs D Poolton - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L Beck - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Owen - Specialist Teaching Assistant


Year Five

Miss N Hamilton -Teacher

Miss R Tomlinson - Teacher

Mrs L Bailey - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Parker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Sanford - Teaching Assistant


Year Six

Miss M Lowe - Teacher

Mr E Spence - Teacher 

Mrs F Marsh - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss T Slaughter - Teaching Assistant



Mr D Farnham

Mrs V Birch


Triage/Nurture Team

Mrs L Torbitt - Nurture Teacher

Mr R Mishra - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Fulcher - Teaching Assistant



Miss R Tomlinson - Teacher



Mr D Farnham - Sports Coach


Business Team


Operations Manager

Mr A Griggs



Miss R Colclough - Receptionist

Miss D Tombs - Admin Assistant

Mrs S Pooley - Admin Assistant


Finance and HR

Mrs R Heslop - HR Officer

Mrs K Pettitt - Data & Payroll Officer

Mrs L Byrne - Finance Officer


Catering & Play Leaders

Miss S Feltner - Catering Manager

Mrs M Kurcon - Kitchen Assistant 

Miss S Stevens - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs J Sheppard - Play Leader

Mrs N Ward-Horner - Play Leader

Mrs V Way - Play Leader

Mrs Y Hall - Play Leader

Ms L Schmitt - Play Leader

Mrs B Dear - Play Leader



Mrs J Sheppard - Senior Cleaner

Mrs J Ludzisa - Cleaner

Mrs K Hamill - Cleaner

Mrs K Gilbert - Cleaner

Mrs C Cilia - Cleaner

Mr R Cilia - Cleaner

Mrs B Dear - Cleaner

Mr D Petch - Gardener/Handyman