St Mary's Church of England Academy

Here at St. Mary's we provide the highest possible quality of education, underpinned by our Christian ethos and values however we pride ourselves in the fact that we are mixed faith with a rising number of multi faiths through our school

Who's Who - Staff 2023/2024

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs R Rutter - Principal

Mrs L Rourke - Interim Executive Principal 

Miss L Brown -  Assistant Principal (Lower Key Stage)

Miss M Lowe - Assistant Principal (Upper Key Stage)

Mrs A Flack - LKS2 Phase Leader & Reading Lead

Miss J Colclough - EYFS Lead

Miss L Osborne - SENDCO 

Miss K Hennessy - Education Social Worker & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr A Griggs - Operations Manager


Teaching and Learning Team


Early Years

Miss J Colclough - Teacher

Mrs H Blow - Teacher (3 days)

Mrs V Birch - Teacher (2 days)

Mrs R Coe - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr R Garrod - Teaching Assistant

Miss P Pope - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Audus - Specialist Teaching Assistant

Miss R Berney - Apprentice


Year One

Mrs S Milner - Teacher

Miss H Andrews - Teacher 

Miss L Bassett - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Heslop - Teaching Assistant


Year Two

Miss L Brown - Teacher

Miss R Lawrence - Teacher

Mrs E Sparkes - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss G Stower - Teacher Assistant

Mrs S Cash - Specialist Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Bastick - Teaching Assistant


Year Three

Mrs V Baxter - Teacher

Mrs K Willsher - Teacher 

Miss C Hunt - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Wood - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Rose - Teaching Assistant


Year Four

Mrs A Flack - Teacher

Mrs S Elbrow - Teacher

Mrs D Poolton - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L Beck - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Owen - Specialist Teaching Assistant


Year Five

Miss N Hamilton -Teacher

Miss R Tomlinson - Teacher

Mrs L Bailey - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Parker - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Sanford - Teaching Assistant


Year Six

Miss M Lowe - Teacher

Mr E Spence - Teacher 

Mrs F Marsh - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss T Slaughter - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Bastick - Teaching Assistant



Mr D Farnham


Nurture Team

Mrs L Torbitt - Nurture Teacher

Mr R Mishra - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Fulcher - Teaching Assistant



Miss R Tomlinson - Teacher



Mr D Farnham - Sports Coach


Business Team


Operations Manager

Mr A Griggs



Miss R Colclough - Receptionist

Miss D Tombs - Admin Assistant

Miss F Palmer - Admin Assistant


Finance and HR

Mrs R Heslop - HR Officer

Mrs K Pettitt - Data & Payroll Officer

Mrs L Byrne - Finance Officer


Catering & Play Leaders

Miss S Feltner - Catering Manager

Mrs M Kurcon - Kitchen Assistant 

Miss S Stevens - Kitchen Assistant

Miss L Schmitt - OPAL Play Coordinator & Play Leader

Mrs J Sheppard - Play Leader

Mrs N Ward-Horner - Play Leader

Mrs V Way - Play Leader

Mrs Y Hall - Play Leader

Mrs B Dear - Play Leader



Mrs J Sheppard - Senior Cleaner

Mrs J Ludzisa - Cleaner

Mrs K Hamill - Cleaner

Mrs K Gilbert - Cleaner

Mrs C Cilia - Cleaner

Mr R Cilia - Cleaner

Mrs B Dear - Cleaner

Mr D Petch - Gardener